Eclipse Software can be downloaded at our online store here
Eclipse download and setup instructions can be downloaded via the documentation tab on this page. Just click the tab that says “Documentation,” then download the appropriate PDF or Word docs for your product.
The Canon DSLR runs on a separate engine than the USB Cameras, despite connecting to your machine via USB. To get Eclipse to pick up the feed from the DSLR, go to the SLR Capture tab (making sure that your DSLR is on and connected). If you still have connectivity issues, turn off the DSLR, and unplug it from the machine, then plug it back in and turn the camera on. If you cannot access the SLR Capture tab, you do not have a Pro License on your dongle. If you ordered a Pro License, but this tab is grayed out, we will send you an upgrade file to fix the issue. Just give us a call!
Just click the tab that says “Documentation,” then download the appropriate PDF or Word doc. The documentation has simple instructions for common operations in Eclipse in each area of the software.
To preview reports in any of the aforementioned formats, you will need certain prerequisites on your computer. For HTML, you will need to preview in any modern internet browser and make sure that Active X controls are allowed. For Word and Excel reports, you can export the report without having Microsoft Office on your computer, but you will not be able to preview these reports or open them until you load the report on another machine. For PDF reports, you must have a program that can open PDF’s. If you already have Google Chrome, you can set it to be your default PDF viewer!
For any other questions, issues, or concerns, give tech support a call at (805) 222-4584

You can download Tarantula from our online store for free. Just checkout with the free Tarantula download in your cart, and then download it under your account > My Downloadable products. Click here to find the free Tarantula download product.
Tarantula will run on Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit systems, but will only extract from Speadtrum chipsets on 32-bit, due to package compatibility.

If you have any other issues, questions, or concerns, give us a call at tech support (805) 222-4584.