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If there is a distributor in your territory you may contact them to learn more about our products, see a demo, or purchase. You may contact us directly as well for any inquiries. If you do not have a distributor in your territory, and would like to suggest one, please fill out our contact form.

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To receive a sales quote for any of our products, please fill out our contact form and tell us what you are looking for. We will have a sales representative get back to you within the next business day.

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EDEC offers a 30 day product loaner program for testing and evaluation. If you are unsure whether you would like to buy our products, let us convince you with a free trial. This offer is for end-users only and cannot be user for commercial gain. If you meet the criteria listed on this form, please fill it out and send back to us to initiate the evaluation. We will contact you to find out more information and to complete the process.

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Are you a college that would like to teach mobile forensics with our products and materials? We offer special programs for usage of our products primarily for education institutions. Please see our Special Programs page to learn more.

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