Black Hole Data Bag

Vector Kit, Gen 2

Black Hole Data Bag

Vector Kit, Gen 2

Just Released! The second generation of the Black Hole Data Bag VECTOR Kit!

The Second Generation

Of The Black Hole Data Bag VECTOR Kit

allows devices to be operated and charged inside a signal-shielded environment.

New Filter Circuit

Dramatically Increased Shielding

EDEC built a new filter circuit from the ground up. Every aspect of the circuit has been optimized to filter everything but USB power and data signals.

Internal Filter Enclosure

Secures and Shields the circuit

We redesigned the enclosure that protects the internal filter to increase the overall shielding of the system and further secure the circuit.

High Quality Connections

USB Male and Female end connections

The female USB connector inside of the filter block experienced faults in the past, an issue that has been remedied with higher quality connectors and soldering.

Quad-Layer Construction

Two Layers of shielding on each side

If the filter circuit is the heart of the RF shielding system, the faraday material is the skin. Two layers of ISO-Tech material on each side offer 20dB+ shielding increase.

New Shielded Window

Upgraded transparent window system

Includes double layer, angular offset, high-shielding faraday. This innovative improvement ensures shielding maintains over 50dB+ across all frequencies.

Engineered Sewing

Optimized construction techniques

Every seam of the Data Bag has been engineered to ensure against signal leakage/intrusion. Our latest techniques offer improvements over the Gen 1 design.

Stretch VECTOR Pocket

Effective touch screen operation

The patented VECTOR side pocket provides an extremely effective method of operating touch screen devices inside of the Data Bag with pass-through finger touch.

Redesigned Outer USB

USB End connector and enclosure

The outer male USB connector, aluminum enclosure and fabric connection points have been upgraded to offer increased strength and shielding.

Quad-Layer Transport Bag

Higher shielding supplementary enclosure

The Transport bag is included to offer the highest shielding possible. The new Transport bag offers maximum isolation with quad-layer construction.

How it Works

Roll Top Completely

to shield the device(s) inside

Operate Touch
Screen Device

trough the VECTOR pocket
with either a finger or the
included stylus

Place evidence device

inside of bag

Connect other end

of cable to evidence device

Connect USB cable

to shielded filter USB block
inside of bag

Connect filtered
outer male usb

to computer,forensic
extraction device or battery

+ + + + + +
External Dimension: 17'' x 11.75'' Usage Area: 13.75'' x 11'' Bag cable: 20'' Made in: USA Device Compability:
External Dimension: 21.5'' x 13.75'' Usage Area: 18.5'' x 13'' Made in: USA Device Compability:

Lab & Field Tested

The Data Bag Kit is a patented system for shielding wireless mobile devices from radio frequency signals while connecting via USB. Cell phones, GPS units, tablets, netbooks, and laptops can be analyzed or charged while in the field or lab.

ISOTech Shielding System

Our proprietary system of fabrics and bag construction results in the highest signal attenuation in the industry

Transparent polymer for protection and visibility

Outer canvas shell for protection and durability

ISO.L1: Transparent Dual-layer angular-offset faraday fabric (window bags only)

ISO.L2: Dual-layer non-transparent faraday fabric

Law Enforcement, Military, and Investigators

in the collection, preservation, transport, and analysis of wireless evidence.

Black Hole Data Bag

Vector kit, Gen 2

Price: $649

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