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Canon T3i DSLR Camera

EDEC Metal Base with Manfrotto Magic Arm

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SKB Rugged Field Transport Case

Eclipse Versions Comparison

Eclipse Versions Comparison Eclipse Versions Comparison


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Who uses Eclipse?

Forensic Investigator in the Lab

A digital forensics investigator is asked to document data found in a Boost Mobile phone. The examiner tries a number of forensic extraction tools but none of them seem to support the phone. The examiner then uses Eclipse to capture an image of every text message, contact, and photo in the device. The Eclipse OCR engine turns each image into searchable text. The examiner doesn’t bother creating a report, but instead saves the case file and sends it to a detective who uses the free Eclipse Reporter software to search the OCR text and build a report with case-relevant evidence.

Law Enforcement in the field

FBI forensic investigators are called to a house on a time sensitive child abduction case. They find pictures, clothing, and a cell phone with key text messages about the missing child. They thoroughly photograph the evidence, import it into Eclipse on the Surface tablet and immediately send a report to regional task forces. The raw case file is archived for further review.

Corporate Legal

Corporate in-house council is investigating an IP theft case. They have been provided with a laptop and a Blackberry from one of the company’s employees. They are asked to first look into the Blackberry and provide an initial opinion on the actions taken by the individual. Texts, emails and documents are found that support the possibility of the theft. The attorney uses Eclipse to capture images and video of what she finds, provide notes and offer a report to management. Management asks for the raw case file and the Eclipse Reporter to be included as well, in case they would like a 3rd party to review the evidence.

Capture at the Crime Scene

Photograph digital and physical evidence in the field on a Microsoft Surface. Tag key evidence, add notes, analyze with OCR and send a PDF report or raw case file for processing.

Solo or Tethered

Quickly capture contacts in a cell phone at a border checkpoint, tag weapons found in a house raid, photograph questionable images on a detainee’s tablet in airport security. Use the Surface camera or tether an SLR to import images during capture. Perform rapid OCR analysis and send a text searchable PDF to detectives. Save time and miss no evidence.

Photograph the crime scene on your DSLR tethered to Eclipse for a portable image and video repository with media management, editing and reporting at your fingertips. Eclipse tethered offers larger preview of photos and remote camera control. Ensure every photo has sharp focus, great lighting and immediate hashing. Batch crop, rotate and pull snapshots from video on site.

Eclipse Kiosk

Eclipse is intuitive and easy to use. With an interface that feels like a consumer tool and workflow designed to be understood immediately, Eclipse is a great tool for police stations, airports, border checkpoints and schools. When a witness approaches you at the police station claiming to have important information related to a shooting, but won’t provide their phone for long, use Eclipse to document the evidence. It’s fast, easy and it just works.

OCR Analysis


Eclipse now includes a robust and accurate OCR analysis engine with text targeting. Select specific areas of text messages, emails, or paper documents and automatically convert to text during capture, or capture and process later in the OCR analysis section.

Eclipse Reporter Reduces your Caseload

Eclipse now includes a free report generator for the prosecutor, DA, detective, or incoming officer. Using the same Eclipse install as the licensed version, anyone can open an Eclipse raw case file, search OCR text, use the OCR engine, organize and group media, and create final reports. This means the examiner can focus on obtaining the evidence instead of processing it, saving valuable time and reducing the overall caseload.


Capture Faster and Cut your Workflow

Eclipse tethers to the Canon SLR camera to view your evidence on-screen. Control the camera remotely from the desktop, or from the foot pedal for hands-free capture. Target specific areas of images to apply OCR, add tags and notes, or take full-length videos to pull snapshots from later. Eclipse Pro also includes USB capture which is compatible with almost every USB camera on the market.

Efficiently Manage the Evidence

Find important evidence with multiple image and video viewing formats. After searching OCR text and tags with the robust filter deck, start building your evidence groups. Import nearly any type of image or video to add to your captures. View EXIF data and hashes to verify chain of custody.

Edit Media and Create Video Snapshots

The media editor provides powerful batch editing capability. Select eighty cell phone captures and simultaneously crop them to the size of the phone, or rotate them. Use the foot pedal to pull key snapshots from a video. All edits are saved as new evidence and hashed to maintain a forensic audit trail.

Convert Images to Text with OCR

The Eclipse OCR engine with text targeting is quick to use and highly accurate. When capturing multiple text messages, target the text areas with selection boxes and move each capture to match the box locations. Eclipse will convert each image to text, offering a searchable index of suspect data.

Build Beautiful Reports

Choose from a range of configurable settings like report format, image layout, tags, evidence naming conventions, EXIF data inclusion, OCR text inclusion and more. Save reports for later or send raw case files with the free Eclipse Reporter to let others generate reports.

Package Your Report and Deliver

With the ability to generate PDF, Word, Excel and HTML reports, Eclipse never fails to deliver. Dynamic HTML reports offer searchable text and embedded video while PDF reports offer compatibility and ease of use. Each report format has been carefully optimized for its intended use.

Download Trial

From evidence management, to document capture, to mobile forensics, Eclipse is the complete solution for any investigator, lab or mobile task-force. Download a free 15-day trial and get started with Eclipse today! Simply download the trial, install Eclipse, plug in your favorite USB webcam, and check out Eclipse’s features for yourself.


Canon T3i DSLR with 18-55m EFS IS Lens

The EOS Rebel T3i features Canon’s newest DIGIC 4 Image Processor and an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor – plus cutting-edge technologies like Full HD video recording, Live View shooting, Wireless flash photography and even a Vari-angle 3.0-inch LCD monitor – the EOS Rebel T3i offers the best of EOS photography in a compact package. Integrated with Eclipse, this compact but powerful DSLR creates sharp images, perfect for capturing the salient details of any piece of evidence.

Manfrotto Magic Arm

The Manfrotto Magic Arm articulates at 3 points — 2 ball joints and 1 hinge — allowing for a fluid setup that can accommodate any lab environment. The arm is adjustable by turning a single knob that simultaneously loosens all 3 joints.

Base Plate with Camera Arm Mount

The Matte-finished Base-plate compliments the Magic Arm and DSLR Camera to make an easy-to-use, compact lab station, right out of the box.

Flex Arm & Glare Shield Plate

The glare shield kit includes an adjustable flex arm, clamp and metal glare shield. The metal shield connects on the long or short side and articulates to almost any angle, providing a convenient method of blocking unwanted reflections on your captures.

Hands-Free Foot Pedal

The Eclipse foot pedal is a true time saver. Examiners can focus on the evidence while capturing with a foot press. The foot pedal operates photo captures as well as video, and can be used in the editor section to extract snapshots from videos.

Field Ruggedized Case

All items in the Eclipse kit are packaged in a field-ready ruggedized case. The protection and organization of your Eclipse kit is not an option, so we include the high quality SKB case in every Eclipse purchase.

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