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Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Telephone: 1-805-222-4584

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Telephone: 1-805-222-4584

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Telephone: 1-805-222-4584


EDEC creates tools primarily for mobile forensics examiners. Our products are designed to assist examiners with forensic preservation of, data extraction and decoding from, and screen capture of mobile devices including cell phones, GPS units, tablet computers, netbooks, and more.
EDEC (DBA of E.C Ryan International, Inc.) is a private company incorporated in California.
EDEC is growing quickly and we’re looking for excellent people. If you’re a superb software or hardware engineer, a dedicated sales team member, a tech support guru, a marketing maven, or a mobile forensics expert, give us a ring! We would love to talk with you.
We are a customer-focused company developing products to meet the needs of the digital forensics industry. Our company has unique development resources, including software design, hardware design, with a global perspective and close access to the world’s largest manufacturing base for cell phones and digital devices.
Including domestic and international employees and contractors, EDEC has roughly 40 staff.
EDEC has partnered with industry firms for projects including OEM integration of hardware/software, inclusion of our products in custom-built kits, marketing initiatives and R&D cooperation. Please let us know if you are interested in working together.
We like to hear from our customers. Please feel free to send us your ideas or feedback, but please do remember such material will be treated as non-confidential and we are free to use your ideas for any purpose whatsoever, unless arranged otherwise.
Yes we can. Our DUNS# is 799375035, our CAGE Code is 1QKY4. We are registered in WAWF for payment as well as various state systems. Please contact us if you need further contract-related information.

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